Thursday, October 26, 2017

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Here is your weekly dose of "TA's Top 5". A list of industry updates, sales ideas, important dates and other interesting things we come across. 

Top 5

  1. F.O.R.M. (Building Rapport)
  2. 1035 Money, Another Strategy 
  3. Your Sales HUB (Sales Ideas & Strategies to Educate and Inspire) 
  4. PAC Life Promise Term (Exclusive) 
  5. How Companies Can Protect Against Identity Theft 

1. F.O.R.M (Building Rapport)

(Family, Occupation, Recreation, Message)

Conversations with your prospects and existing clients can follow a format that can give you insight into the essence of a person quickly. If you answer the questions as they relate to yourself, after you hear the prospect's answer, you will start to build trust and rapport quickly.

2. 1035 Money, Another Strategy

  1. Does your client have an opportunity to replace their existing insurance?
  2. Do they have cash in an existing life insurance policy? If so, is there gain or loss in that policy? If there is loss, then it should not be a foregone conclusion that the client should 1035 that money into a new life insurance policy. This will depend upon the circumstance.
  3. It may make sense to 1035 that money into an annuity. Why?
    A. Loss can be realized on an annuity. Your client should always consult with a tax advisor. The general rule of thumb is that any investment in which the client intended to enter into for profit, can allow that same client to realize loss for tax purposes.
    B. With recent pricing changes in life insurance policies, lump sum deposits don’t have the same leverage they had in the past. In addition to the opportunity to realize loss, it may also be a better leverage strate
Here is an article that mentions realizing loss on an annuity 

3. Your Sales HUB 


From the fundamentals, to advanced planning, to effective sales & marketing strategies, we pursue a fascinating, business-building quest for knowledge. Join us in the journey.

4. Pac Life Promise Term (Exclusive) 


5. How Companies Can Protect Against Identity Theft 

Interested in preventing employee identity theft? If you are working with any company, the HR office has lots of sensitive and confidential employee information to protect. We can help you protect them and get paid for doing it... 

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