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TA's Top 5 for September 29th, 2017

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Here is your weekly dose of "TA's Top 5". A list of industry updates, sales ideas, important dates and other interesting things we come across. 

Top 5

  1. LIAM is Almost Over - But that Doesn't Mean... 
  2. IUL, It's Just a Great Investment
  3. Your clients think Social Security will pay DI benefits? The odds could be against it.
  4. The Case of the Seller Becoming the Buyer 
  5. The Clampett's are Selling Their Shack 
1. LIAM is Almost Over 
Life Insurance Awareness month is almost over, but that doesn't mean you have to stop promoting the importance of life insurance. We will be leaving this micro-site up for you to access FB and Twitter posts through the end of this year! 
2. IUL, It's Just a Great Investment
For clients living in 2017, one of the main concerns when investing for one’s retirement is not necessarily the upside potential but the protection of one’s principal. There are not many feasible options when it comes to obtaining that kind of protection, while also receiving the needed return to reach one’s retirement goals. Indexed Universal Life has become a go-to solution when it comes to supplementing for retirement. 
Here are some of the benefits.
  • A guaranteed floor (either 0% or 1% depending upon the carrier)
  • Upside potential that still allows the client to potentially receive a rate of return necessary to reach retirement goals
  • A tax free death benefit
  • Income that when taken from a non-MEC policy, is non-reportable and tax free. This can help keep medicare premiums down
  • Can be used for income when other assets (without downside protection) have had a downturn.
For those that are skeptical of some of the variables associated with IUL (cost of insurance increasing, caps being decreased, illustrated performance), the article below should help position IUL in a more positive light.
3. Your clients think Social Security will pay DI benefits? The odds could be against it…
Social Security pays some type of disability benefits to about 18 million people every year, but there are more than 1.0 million people waiting for a hearing to see if they’ll qualify for benefits. 
Take a look at the article below, and then contact us to see how you can start those disability discussions with your clients: 
4. The Case of the Seller Becoming the Buyer
Hear real life stories of how producers are achieving sales success with John Hancock Vitality. In this caseJohn Hancock Vitalityhelped Matt lose more than forty pounds in one year; while saving enough on premiums to offset the cost of the long-term care rider!
Seller Becoming the Buyer: Story
5. The Clampett's are Selling Their Shack

Yes, Jed's home can be yours for as little as... $350,000,000

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