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TA's Top 5 for October 5th, 2017

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Here is your weekly dose of "TA's Top 5". A list of industry updates, sales ideas, important dates and other interesting things we come across. 

Top 5

  1. A Whale of an Opportunity 
  2. FastApps+ Drop Ticket - Learn How Easy it is 
  3. 5 Living Benefits Available with IUL
  4. When Hybrid LTC Policies Make Sense 
  5. Stop Thinking it Won't Happen to You! 
1. A Whale of an Opportunity 

$500 for Every 5 Policies

✓ Earn an additional $500 compensation for every five (5) PL Promise Term1 life insurance policies you sell in 2017.
✓ Sell 15 policies, get $500 x 3 = $1,500.
✓ This incentive includes all PL Promise Term business in 2017, so you may already be well on your way. See rules below.
✓ Earn more than your traditional compensation on a competitively priced term life insurance product from a premier carrier.
✓ Today’s clients want fast, affordable death benefit protection from a solid company with sterling credentials.
2. FastApps+ Drop Ticket - Find Learn How Easy it is..In Less Than 4 Minutes! 

FastApps+ Drop Ticket Features:

  1. "Quote and Drop" in 6 minutes
  2. Customize
  3. Personalize
  4. TMA fulfillment available (SBLI and AIG)
  5. 100% digital
  6. No/low cost
  7. 100% Mobile (iPad, smartphone)
  8. Unique carriers
  9. "The Fastest Way to an Underwriter"


Fast Apps+ drop ticket multi-carrier platform gives you the ability to offer up to 7 carriers to your producers.

  • AIG*
  • John Hancock (with and without Vitality)
  • LGA (Banner/William Penn)
  • Mutual of Omaha
  • Pacific Life
  • Protective
  • SBLI (Centrian)*
3. 5 Living Benefits with IUL Products 
Indexed universal life products can do more than protect the clients against the risk of death.
  1. Source of Cash for Financial Emergencies
  2. Supplemental Retirement Income
  3. Funds to Help Pay Chronic Illness and Long-Term Care Costs
  4. Waiver of All or Part of Policy Premiums
  5. Protection of Policy Benefits from Claims of Creditors

Read more about these 5 Living benefits... 
4. When Hybrid LTC Policies Make Sense
In the past clients who have wanted to cover a long term care need, almost always used a traditional long term care policy. The client would pay their annual premium and if he or she needed long care, the policy would pay out a daily or monthly benefit. It was the most efficient way to obtain the needed coverage. The issue that some clients had with this solution was that they received nothing if there was never a need for care. Also, the premium was not guaranteed. Increases in premiums were possible and came to fruition. 
Some Advantages of Using a Hybrid LTC Policy:
  1. Guarantees with premium, death benefit, and in some instances return of premium
  2. Your client will receive a benefit whether they live, die, or quit
  3. It is really just a re-positioning of an asset that is earmarked for long term care planning and acquiring leverage for that need
When a Hybrid Policy Makes Sense
5. Stop Thinking Identity Theft Won't Happen to You: 
Protect yourself and your group benefits clients with a high value, low cost Identity Protection service through the Thompson Agency! 

Call your Account Executive to learn more!

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