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TA's Top 5 for July 21, 2017

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Here is your weekly dose of "TA's Top 5". A list of industry updates, sales ideas, important dates and other interesting things we come across.


  1. Insurance Fraud Gone Wrong - Craziness!
  2. The Sandwich Generation?! What are they saying?
  3. 3 Ways to Get Clients to Buy Enough Coverage
  4. LTC Planning Resources (Client approved questionnaire)
  5. Conference Call Bingo... we all have heard these!

1. Insurance Fraud Gone Wrong (Patrick Swayne)
The Story of Jim Davis
As insurance agents we know the value that a properly structured life insurance policy can provide for a family. We also know that the death benefit can be looked at as an asset that has a favorable return which is tax free in many circumstances. With that being said, there are some unscrupulous individuals who have tried to take advantage of this value by committing fraud against the life insurance carrier. In the article below is one of the infamous cases where an individual was able to create a fake person, in addition to staging that individuals death and funeral, while trying to collect almost $1,000,000 worth of death benefit. This is just a reminder of why life insurance carriers have to do their best due diligence when not only approving cases, but also processing claims.
  • Jean Crump, a former mortician, created the fictional Jim Davis with the intention of insurance fraud
  • After acquiring life insurance on the fictional insured Davis, Crump filed a phony death certificate, and staged a fake funeral.
  • When the insurance carriers became suspicious, Crump even had the remains exhumed and had the coffin cremated to through off authorities .
  • Ultimately, all the offenders were caught and given their just punishments.

Full Article

2. The Sandwich Generation?! (Peter Zinnen)

Here's what 'Sandwich' generations aren't saying - help them talk it out When it comes to talking retirement, your clients could very well be clamming up when their kids are around. That opportunity is the first big takeaway from the 2017 North American Baby Boomer and Generation X Retirement Study. Read the initial installment of a series of three white papers based on the research, which looked into the saving, spending and communication habits of what are known as the "Sandwich" generations. That covers everyone from age 36 to 69 today.

3. 3 Ways to Get Clients to Buy Enough Coverage (Brian Thompson)


"For any of these people, everything could change in an instant. (Photo: Thinkstock)"
  1. Remind them that YOUNGER = CHEAPER
  2. Encourage them to provide for their loved ones
  3. Let them know it will pay of debt and taxes
Ryan Hanley VP of Marketing, unpacks each of these topics, giving you some simple discussion points that touch on the very things that can get your prospects to become clients.

4. LTC Planning Resources (Peter Zinnen)
Start educating female clients about the risks Use these agent/client-approved resources to make them aware of the need to plan.
Mom in the Middle - article reprint

Don't forget to check out our Long Term Care 360' site for more resources!


5. Conference Call Bingo (Brian Thompson)
I found this on LinkedIn, so accurate! Have a little fun with this on your next conference call.


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