Friday, August 18, 2017

TA's Top 5 for August 18th, 2017

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Here is your weekly dose of "TA's Top 5". A list of industry updates, sales ideas, important dates and other interesting things we come across. 

Top 5

  1. "Disability Insurance Is Too Expensive... and I'm Invincible"
  2. Be the glove that fits. Designing the customer's experience. 
  3. Product Updates 
  4. "Sales-Hub" Microsite: Sales & Marketing Strategies 
  5. Important Dates 

1. "Disability Insurance Is Too Expensive... and I'm invincible."

Maybe you've protected that client against a stock market downturn. What about a crippling stroke? Read more.

2. Designing your "Customer's Experience"


What does that tell us? Be "findable".

3. Product updates: (Adam Thompson)

  1. Prudential is raising rates on their guaranteed SUL product! – Effective 8/21/2017! Click here for transition details, and how to save old pricing until 9/10/17:
    Prudential SUL Protector re-price
  2. Pac-Life has a new term product available in Connecticut! – It’s competitively priced, and on our FastApps Plus e-app platform. Quote them on our term quote engine, or on our FastApps Plus platform!
  3. Protective has introduced a new term product – find out more here:
    Protective Classic Choice Term

4. Sales-Hub: From the fundamentals, to advanced planning, to effective sales & marketing strategies, we pursue a fascinating, business-building quest for knowledge. Join us in the journey.

Creative sales ideas, strategies, videos, and customizable marketing pieces to remind, educate, facilitate and inspire you to grow sales, help more people and make more money.

5. The 2017 Insurance Barometer Study

The Insurance Barometer Study tracks consumer perceptions, attitudes and behaviors in the U.S. The study seeks to understand consumers' financial concerns and how they act with regard to financial products with a particular focus on Life Insurance.(Statistics from 2017 Life Insurance Barometer Study, LIMRA & Life Happens.)

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