Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Looking for a differentiator in your BGA?

Challenges for the individual Insurance Professional continue to mount as we move inexorably deeper into the digital age.

How we communicate has changed, and what your customers expect has changed. Are you keeping up with it all? Do you stay in touch with existing clients on a regular basis? It stands to reason that if you want to retain existing clients you need to stay in touch with them to keep them from becoming prime targets for your competitors.
  • Do you have a website? Your clients expect you to.
  • Are you on Facebook? They are. That's why you should be.
    You have to go where they go.
  • Do you collect email addresses of your client base?
    Your clients check their email everyday.
Frank Thompson
Marketing Director

Marketing Support is more than just a sideline for us. We do it full time for our new and producing partners. If you need a hand in securing and cementing relationships with existing clients, our Marketing Support Team is here to help, offering flyers, postcards, brochures, automated email campaigns, social media posts and website support. So, if your looking for Marketing Support and Communications Support to establish and maintain a superior level of service to your clients, to establish and maintain a higher retention rate then you are in the right place. You'll find it all here!

We are in awe of the things you excel in and we are determined to support your efforts by offering the things we excel in: case analysis, carrier recommendations, creative problem-solving approaches, impaired risk guidance and state-of-the-art Marketing Support.

Brian Thompson
Vice President
Our mutually respectful and trusting relationships with the Home Office Underwriters who will ultimately evaluate your applicants, assures that your case will receive fair analysis and consideration.

Sell more, and be more!  We invite you to join our ever-expanding team of successful Thompson Agency Partners, and enjoy the benefit of our thoughtful and creative case guidance and unrivaled Marketing Support.

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