Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Are you kiddin' me? 19 Million? Words Matter!


Keep it Simple...

To give you an idea about how important effective communication is, consider a LIMRA/Maddock Douglas report that found there are 19,000,000 “STUCK” life insurance shoppers in the United States. These are people who see why life insurance is something they should have, but they’re not acting because they’re confused by the language used to describe the products. –

Many don’t understand or misunderstand terms like “accelerated benefits, death benefit, annuity etc”…

Translate "Insurance" into English, e.g.

Accelerated Benefits = "You don't have to die."

Term Life Insurance = "Like renting a home."

Permanent Life Insurance = "Like buying a home."

Annuity = "Savings that grow without being taxed (like a CD is taxed), then providing retirement income for life if you want."



You'll find our Mobile Life Quote Engine, "LIFE HAPPENS" Mobile Needs-Calculator, Impaired Risk, LTC, DI, & Annuity information & links to our Mobile "Smart Buyer" site for Consumers to determine their Life Insurance needs, cost and how to go about getting it.
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