Wednesday, August 26, 2015


We know it when we see it, 

...we love it when we feel it, when the music agrees with the lyrics, when behavior vindicates words. There’s a certain aura about it. We subconsciously seek it, are attracted to it, want more of it, why? Perhaps because it is in short supply.

A wait on hold may prove well worth your time if, when it's your turn, you're connected to a Customer Service Rep, Case Manager, Internal Wholesaler or Advisor who's demeanor is empathetic and authentic. This job is not an easy one. It takes a special, well-educated, well-grounded, and instinctively helping soul to fill those shoes. When you find it, embrace it, keep it, come back to it.

This should describe the experience you and your staff provides to your new and existing customers.

You'll find our Mobile Life Quote Engine, "LIFE HAPPENS" Mobile Needs-Calculator, Impaired Risk, LTC, DI, & Annuity information & links to our Mobile "Smart Buyer" site for Consumers to determine their Life Insurance needs, cost and how to go about getting it.
Our Mobile Site is available by tapping in either of our URLs on your smart phone.
Or copy one of the URLs and email it to your phone, open it on your phone, then bookmark the site for ease of frequent returns.
Peter Zinnen, CLTC
Senior VP
Dan Tarullo, CLU
Field Brokerage

Adam Thompson
Senior VP
Business Development

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