Thursday, March 26, 2015

Impaired Risk Case-Preparation Tips

As a follow-on to our last post about effective cover letters, here are some tips to grease the skids on your next difficult Life Case.

Rapid turnaround is the result of thorough & thoughtful case preparation. When Impaired Risk Life Cases are presented, evaluated and priced quickly, everybody wins. By allowing the underwriters to concentrate on clients and medical histories, rather than sifting through documents and trying to organize pages, you get the answers you need in a timely and consistent fashion.

What makes an Impaired Risk Life Insurance Case “prepared”? The most important things are to:
  • Submit a cover memo attached to each case that explains
    the pertinent details in concise, to-the-point language.
  • Submit the entire case in chronological order, deleting duplicate pages.
Good Impaired Risk Life Case preparation has a tremendous impact on our ability to review and evaluate cases. As we get more efficient, that efficiency is passed along to you in the form of faster service, and when that happens, everybody wins.

Here’s what makes a good cover letter:
Good Impaired Risk Case preparation helps you better gauge what rates are attainable.
  • Putting the case in chronological order helps us understand and get to
    know the client.
  • Tabbing or otherwise highlighting pertinent pages allows the underwriter to
    quickly get to the details.
  • As cases are presented electronically and documents are scanned, good
    case preparation will lead to faster turnaround!

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