Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Evolution of Index Products




Fixed index annuities have grown from a $4 billion market in 1998 to a $32 billion market in 2012.* Index universal life Insurance has grown from a $350 million market in 2006 to a projected $1.4 billion market in 2012.** Let’s take a look at history to better understand what’s driving this extraordinary growth.



The opportunity for index products is very real. The very reason that Fixed Index Annuities and Index UL were created in the first place exists today. Let’s review the last 40 years to see how we have arrived where we are.

Consumers are demanding more for less:
  • More growth than currently available in traditional products due to low interest rates,
  • More tax‐efficient solutions to mitigate evolving tax laws, and
  • Less risk than investing in the financial markets.
Are you getting your fair share of these markets?

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