Thursday, September 4, 2014

Work, think, create like an artist

-- Seth Godin, The Icarus Deception

"Anyone can do it...

You must use courage, resilience and your own unique talents, to get to the hard work of being an artist in your chosen pursuit. You won't be very good when you get started, but start nonetheless. The only answer to failure and disappointment is to KEEP WORKING and MAKE BETTER ART.

Artistry comes from the heart and applies to anything you set your mind to. It could be in retail, wholesale, engineering, accounting, or Financial Services. What makes a true artist is passion for action, rather than success. Using passion to create and take the next step on a new path, not waiting for reassurance or praise.

Challenge yourself to strip your main drive for more customers and more money and focus on the passion to deliver: How can I serve my clients better? How can I create the best possible experience? One of the keys to making art is in making human connections, not just online, but personal, face to face interactions."  -- Seth Godin

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