Thursday, July 17, 2014

“I’ve got a client who is very healthy except in one area. Is there any way underwriting will consider a one class improvement?”

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The Healthy Credits Program from the underwriters of American General Life Companies (American General) gives your clients the opportunity to qualify for the best underwriting class available. Your 41- to 70-year-old client may qualify for one class Preferred upgrade or one Substandard class improvement if they meet 4 of the 16 reference points in our Healthy Credits program.* Following are the Healthy Credits factors which are considered when determining an underwriting improvement are below.

* Special conditions may apply. Certain Healthy Credits vary by age and credits may not be available for tests performed on younger individuals. All Healthy Credits have additional requirements and time frame criteria required before they can be used to improve a rating. Consult with The Thompson Agency for details.

  1. Normal stress EKG, thallium, stress echo, Sestamibi, MUGA, EBCT, or other perfusion or imaging test
  2. Normal chest or abdominal CT scan
  3. Hemoglobin A1C< 5.5
  4. APS documented daily rigorous aerobic exercise and the physical measurements to substantiate
  5. LDL below 100 within 6 months without medication
  6. BMI of 23-25
  7. Untreated blood pressure 120/80 or better
  8. Normal mammogram
  9. Normal executive physicals at top-tier clinics such as Mayo, Cleveland Clinic, Cooper Clinic, etc.
  10. Parents survived into their 80s
  11. Normal colonoscopy
  12. NT Pro-BNP<100
  13. Normal CBC
  14. Normal spirometry
  15. Normal blood chemistry profile
  16. Normal total cholesterol (200 or less) without medication

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